Paul Hunter Speagle


Born: Hickory, NC September 26th 1982

I am the youngest of 4.

In 1998, I received my first formal training with local Artist Joe Lafone. Where I developed a vision of color, brush techniques, composition and the epiphany that Art was my way in Life. I won The Paul Whitener contest and I was awarded best in show at Hickory Museum of Art. This boosted my ambition. I exceeded at all the Art classes at Hickory High School and then I was allowed to further my desire for painting by taking college Art classes at Lenoir Rhyne while I was still in my senior year in High School. In 2000, I graduated early form Hickory High School and I was a awarded a portfolio scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design. For 4 years I was learning and practicing Art. Making and thinking in one of the most rigorous and professional programs in the world. I began to really start to take my art to a professional level. While in Savannah I was asked to be represented in Art galleries and began having major group and Solo Art shows. I graduated with a BFA in Painting in 2005. In 2006 I rolled the dice and moved to Brooklyn with my fiancee Ashley Bumgarner and our 2 dogs to a loft to pursue my professional Art Career in New York. For 9 years I networked and was an emerging Artist showing Art at every possible chance I could. In 2010 I got asked to join one of the top Grad schools in the World. The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan NewYork. For 2 years I commuted from my home in Greenpoint Brooklyn to study and practice Art with some of the most elite Artists in the World. I received a great review from the biggest Art Critic of our time Jerry Saltz. At the same time I began working in the set and entertainment industry. I created sets for commercials, movies, broadway plays and high fashion for some of the biggest companies in the world. I developed a name as one of the best Scenic Artists in New York City. In 2012, I graduated from SVA with a Masters of Fine Arts. This launched my career and I hit the ground running. Making and selling and showing Art to galleries and Art Dealers developing a name for myself. I became represented by a couple of galleries and time was flying by. One night I had a dream that I was back home making large scale Art For my home town. In 2014, I was asked to open an Art Department in Atlanta Georgia for the company I was painting sets for in New York, READY SET INC. So we moved down to Atlanta in 2015 to add on a new chapter. In October 2016, we had our baby girl Opal Grace. In the same month I was contacted by the Hickory Museum of Art to have my first Solo Museum Show. The timing was great and things were coming full circle. After all, the Hickory Museum of Art was the first place I had ever went see and study Art. It was a great honor and a child hood dream to show in my home town and where I first learned about Art. The show was to take place in 2018. This was again great timing because my Art career was always out of state which meant my NC friends and family were not able to attend my shows. This was a chance where I could give them the gift of experiencing my Art. In September 2017, after having been gone for 17 years we moved back to Hickory, NC. We returned without our beloved pets but returned as a triangle with our baby girl anxious to show our family and friends what we have created and learned on our travels. In 2018 my Dad got to experience his first Art show of mine at the Hickory Museum of Art which meant the world to us. The show was incredible and my dad was very proud of me which made all my hard work worth it. I was so thankful for the timing because 2 months after the show had ended my father passed away. I was thankful for the lord guiding me and allowing me to follow his signs that lead me back to my friends and family just in time. The night of my Dads funeral I applied to a Mural project called the Miracle of Hickory Mural project. I stayed up all night and emotionally wrote the best proposal of my Art Career. To my shock I was awarded as the winner of the Miracle of Hickory Mural Project. For a solid year I spoke and listened and learned about The Polio epidemic in Hickory NC. This experience has been the most meaningful Art Project I have ever had the honor of being a part of in my life. In October 2019, I am pleased to announce that I completed The Miracle of Hickory Mural in Downtown Hickory for all to see. Excited to create a permanent historical landmark in my Hometown. With the publicity of the Mural I was asked to participate in ART BASEL MIAMI with Galleria Collective at the 2019 Wynwood Mural Fest. February 2020 we opened our first Art gallery and Art Academy, in Hickory North Carolina. It will be a family ran business just like my father had.

I say we a lot in this biography because it takes a team to be an Artist. I would not be here without them.

I am a Redneck Van Gogh blessed, educated, gut painting, greasy liver mush eating, fast car driving , Ninja Turtle loving, Goonie inspired, gator hunting, cardinal watching, public vandalizing, North Carolina family rooted, Grandfather Mountain loving, Faith driven, colorist, ARTIST.

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