ATAC Studio

ATAC started in 2002, stemming from the underground skater, snowboard, street-art, comic, and high-and-low art culture. This was organized through grass-roots and gorilla-marketing to produce a revolution of artists taking a chance, to better planet earth.

ATAC gallery is a collective of all the arts. Art that will be harnessed, encouraged and celebrated in a new innovative creative art space. Offering an environment to explore and create new art. Merging together the community and arts in a conversation to create a humanitarian vibrant culture to better the world.

The gallery will organize revolving exhibitions that will highlight the important role of art in society through the direct experience of works of arts.

Through research and learning ATAC will offer an educational academy to stimulate the public.

ATAC will bring the community together with an experimental culinary adventure creating a unique dining experience through a dinner club, where every dinner will be different.

The public will also have a chance to create a personal event of their own creation by joining with ATAC and booking the beautiful space.

ATAC will allow everyone to take a part of the brand home with them at the eclectic authentic retail shop. ATAC works together with artists from all mediums that encapsulate the city, oceanic, country, craft and art life.

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